VisViva is a disrupting data analytics application created specifically to optimize daily energy market decisions within a company. We believe well presented data is the first step to worthy insights and, of course, to more rewarding energy transactions.

Nowadays information is power, whoever has the best data and analytic skills, has a huge competitive advantage. This is why our main objective is to facilitate access to updated information on the regional electricity market, as well as to optimize its analysis.


VisViva offers a collobarative culture, as data is accesible to every member of the company, from CEO to analyst, an improvement in the development of business strategies based on updated data and reports, and the opportunity for the company to optimize their resources.
In other words, more time analyzing, less searching for relevant information or programming databases.


  • WEB
  • Access it worldwide
  • Use your laptop, phone or tablet
  • Responsive
  • Collaborative
  • Latest secury protocols
  • Run on Google servers
  • Safe data storage
  • Encrypted user information
  • Energy analytics as never before
  • Valuable insights
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasing charts

How we work

Depends on your chosen plan according to your needs.


With a basic account you will have access to updated regional energy prices, daily regional dispatch data, generation mix per country, Hydrology data, and MDA/MTR Mexico energy prices. As part of VisViva, all the information required to turn data into meaningful insights will be at your service with a few clicks. We have make sure that our app is always updated and shows our users all the necessary information for their analysis.


On top of everything offered by basic, premium users get access to our analytics dashboard, which includes daily energy prices analysis, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, as well as variable comparisons for all the information in our database. Also, premium accounts are able to obtain EOR invoices calculation and energy contract results in the form of CNFFF and OPPOTUNITY conciliation reports.

Finally, premium users can query both UT and EOR databases easily without a single line of code. We have made it very simple to search all the information you need. On MER and UT database tabs you will find all the database tables filtered by type and content. So if, for instance, you need to extract information regarding EX ANTE prices, it's only necessary to choose "EXANTE" from the options given and click on search. Easy and simple. All you will require is your UT or EOR database username and password. In case you don't have them yet, we can assist you on getting them.

Regarding your information, we recongnize the importance of security and privacy, which is why your database username and password will be encrypted and unknown even to us. In addition, an NDA agreement can be signed, just to make you feel even safer.

In case you want a demonstration of an premium account, do not hesitate and contact us,we can arrange a meeting and discuss all the benefits we have created for you.


Collaborate with us to create brilliant personalized reports, dashboards, and projects only available for your account. Contact us and let us know what type of cloud/web-based idea you have in mind and we can make it happen with VisViva technology. Also, get in touch if you require consultancy guidance regarding energy transition, energy digitalization, renewables, energy efficiency, regional energy market developments, and regulations, or forecasting methods using artificial intelligence.






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